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    We strive to make your work with our products for industrial refrigeration as easy as possible.

    To make it as easy for you to find spare part details on some of our most popular products, we have in the below listed the corresponding links to the spare parts catalogues.

    Over the last couple of years we have (on some of our products) combined the spare parts into “Spare-Part-Kits. Finding the right spare part for these products has therefore become quite easy. By creating these spare part kits we have simplified the selection and ordering process, and you can be sure that you have all the necessary parts for a given task.

    The kits are divided in:

    • Inspection kits, containing all gaskets, O-rings and aluminium rings belonging to one valve size. 
    • Repair kits, containing the inspection kit along with a complete packing gland 
    • Overhaul kits, containing all parts for renovation of a valve 


    All kits contain a clear instruction/part list, indicating the size and quantity of the parts and the position of where they should be mounted.

    All in all the spare part kits result in time saving and, most important, it gives the security for the contractor and service company that the man on the job site has all the necessary material to finish the repair job in the shortest possible down-time of the plant. This will be very appreciated and valued by the owner of the plant. It is also easier for everyone to carry efficient stock.

    See further details in the spare parts literature via the below links.


  • Spare parts for Industrial Refrigeration - Danfoss

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