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  • What's in it for You?

    • Compact design, light weight, sustainable materials
    • 30 percent reduced refrigerant charge*
    • 10 percent increased efficiency*
    • 40 percent reduced CO2 emissions*
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Reduced noise
    • Ready in-stock delivery 24/7 

      *Under same conditions compared to Fin & Tube heat exchangers

  • The Danfoss MicroChannel Heat Exchanger (MCHE) is ideal for use in refrigeration applications.

    The MCHE provides a simple, thin profile, all-aluminium design that is lightweight and prevents galvanic corrosion. The aluminium construction makes it one of the most sustainable solutions for commercial refrigeration applications. The MCHE meets the challenging application requirements for transportation applications based on its high strength, sealed design and recyclable materials. 

    The MCHE is highly efficient with the refrigerants flowing in micro channels. The design principle results in 30 percent less refrigerant charge compared to other heat exchangers.


  • Danfoss Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Video

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